6 Tips On How To Care For Your Curly Hair

Learning how to embrace your curly hair is one of the most liberating feelings in the world! While it can be high maintenance, it also gives your daily look a unique character that can leave heads turning, but the main problem for us girls with curls is learning how to stop our hair from looking like a hot mess!  So here’s we suggest to keep those curls looking charismatic. 6 Tips on how to care for your curly hair:
  1. Sharpen those curls with a long-lasting serum It’s easy for soft curls to dry out into wiry frizz within minutes of stepping out of the house due to the humid climate that we face for three fourths of the year in the city of Mumbai. So to ensure that those gorgeous curls last you all day long, be sure to use a curling serum in the morning before you leave or simply apply it the night before in case of hectic mornings! Salons are always the best places to go to in order to buy the best quality serums.
  1. Hair Spas are the best kind of spas Pampering yourself with hair spas  at your favorite salon , once a month is not only a stress re-leaser, but also leaves a lasting shine in your hair that will last you at least two washes. Remember Shinier the curls, the neater and more voluminous they look.
  1. Embrace the volume Curls give your hair a natural voluminous look. Stay away from the heat of hot irons and blow-dryers, which only result in flat and frizzy curls within minutes, and say yes to natural volume! Using a wide toothed comb, adds volume to your hair, and is always better recommended for curly hair.
  1. Let your hair dry naturally! Let your hair dry naturally after a hair wash, as it allows the curls to take their natural shape, and also maintains moisture and shine in your hair. Using a blow dryer is not only damaging, but also causes the curls to loose their natural shape, leading to a frizzy finish.
  1. Apply conditioner in the right manner Apply conditioner more generously at the ends of your hair away from the scalp, as it helps to add weight to your hair, thus flattening the scalp, while leaving the ends puffy and curly.
  1. The right stylist to understand the needs of your locks Find a great stylist who truly understands your look, and can give you the right kind of haircut, that’ll enable you to wear your curls in anyway that you like. The right haircut can make all the difference. So be sure to find a stylist with great taste, and who truly knows how to care for your curls.

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