SnobJournal Goes Sleek With BBLUNT

The SnobJournal goes straight with BBLUNT! Check out how to get her look in no time.

I straighten my hair quite often, so I thought I'll quickly take you guys through the products I use and how I go about it.

I start with a coin-sized amount of the @bbluntindia Climate Control Anti frizz Leave-In Cream on my mid-lengths to the ends of my damp hair, and then I usually let my hair air-dry. The cream keeps my hair frizz free and enhances its flow, leaving it feeling super soft.

Once my hair is dry, I use the BBLUNT Linear II Professional Hair Straightener (been using this for months now, and I absolutely swear by it) and straighten my hair in sections. It's easy to use and gives me a sleek finish. It really looks like it's been done in a salon!

After that, I just spray in some of BBLUNT's Spotlight Hair Polish for Instant Shine to set everything in place and add that element of shine. It can make the dullest of hair look glossy with just a spritz!

What you see in the bottom right picture is what I'm finally left with!

Using these BBLUNT products has made my life so much easier! They not only protect my hair against any heat caused by styling tools, but also let me style my hair the way I want sitting at home. They're made especially for Indian hair, and that's why I'd strongly recommend you give BBLUNT a shot!

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