How To Spike Your Hair Like A Complete Boss

Whether you want a messy, slept-in spiked hair look or you want some punk rock spikes sticking out all over your head, spiking your hair takes more technique than most people realize. However, by getting the right products and also applying them the right way, you can get a splendid spiked look.

How To Spike Your Hair Like A Complete Boss

1. Wash Your Hair The first step to getting your look, is to wash your hair before you begin styling. Start afresh!

2. Dry Your Hair This is the key step to get that perfect look. The extra weight of water in your hair will make it harder for your hair to stand up, so you should dry your hair before attempting to spike it. If you̢‰reusing a blow dryer to dry your hair, make sure you point it upwards, to create that base shape for the spikes. Leave your hair damp with just a little bit of moisture and make sure it̢‰s frizz-free to get those perfect spikes."

3. Straighten It Out Since spikes have the straight shape, straightening your hair is a must! All you boys with already straight hair, have it easy, but for the ones with curly or wavy hair, straightening it out will give your hair an added texture.

4. Go For The Product Make sure that the product you choose is suitable for your hair type. Use a moderate amount of hair gel, so that it doesn̢‰t appear too wet or even dry and undone. Rub it over your fingers, and then run your fingers through your hair!

5. Style Your Own Spikes Now that you have the product evenly distributed through your hair, you just have to set your spikes the way you want. Pull your hair in the direction you want the spikes to go. If you want them to stick straight out, pull the section of gelled hair straight from your head. If you want spikes that move toward the front of your head, pull them in that direction and hold them in place. You could also pull spikes in all different directions for a messier look. So go ahead, spike it up! Don̢‰t forget to take another mirror and hold it behind you at an angle, so you can see your hair and spike it up like a complete boss!

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