How To Split From Those Split Ends Easily

It is time for your hair to split up with those split ends. With the right care and right routine, get healthy, shiny looking hair free from those split ends. A trim is something your hair needs first to get rid of those ends right away! How To Split From Those Split Ends Easily 1. Get a trim The longer you wait to get a trim, the more split ends are likely to damage your hair. Have a trim every 6 to 8 weeks to keep your hair looking healthy. 2. Using the right shampoo? A moisturizing shampoo will give your hair the care it needs. Don’t shampoo your hair excessively, unless your hair tends to get extremely oily. 3. Leave- in conditioner is a must Use a leave-in conditioner to prevent your hair from drying out after you wash it. When your hair gets dry it is more prone to breakage and damage. Put some leave-in conditioner onto your palm and run your fingertips through your hair. Let the conditioner moisturize your hair to make it smooth. 4. Be more careful When you detangle the knots from your hair, be sure it does not cause any breakage. Use a wide –toothed comb to get the knots out by causing least damage. 5. Change your diet Include some protein, omega 3 fatty acid and Vitamins A and C to treat those split ends. The right diet helps your hair more than you think! 6. Style it right When you use a hair dryer, make sure not to position it right at the hair ends. This will cause more split ends and make your hair more fragile than it is.
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