3 Old and Retro Shahrukh Khan Hairstyles

Courtesy: Bollywood

Hungama What do we say about Shahrukh Khan that hasn’t been said already? He is the King Khan and the king of romance, and even these titles aren’t enough for him. Over the years, he has done every kind of role and aced it with ease. It is only natural that we want to take some hair inspiration from the man who can do it all and even in his 40s, make girls go gaga over him. Check out some of Shahrukh’s best hairstyles

1. The Mullet Magic Shahrukh Khan proclaimed the title of the ‘king of romance’ through his extraordinary performance in DDLJ. Everything about this movie, from the dialogues, dresses, to the hairstyles sported by Raj and Simran became iconic and remain iconic to this day. The mullet hairstyle could be seen everywhere after the movie released, and we can see why! Try out this roadside romeo hairstyle by using the BBLUNT itMATTers Zero Shine Moulding Clay, which will give your hair a flexible hold and the perfect matt finish to keep it casual.

Shahrukh Khan DDLJ Hairstyles
Courtesy: Open The Magazine

2. The Gel Wonders After seeing the chocolate boy Rahul on screen, Kuch Kuch happened in our hearts as well. Shahrukh Khan aced the role of the cool dude, making every girl fancy a boy like Rahul. The sleek pulled back gelled hair look made us fall in love with SRK and is totally one of our favourite hairstyles of his! Gelled hair never goes out of style and you can ace that perfect hairdo it by using the BBLUNT Gel Oh! Natural Hold Gel.

Shahrukh Khan Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Hairstyles
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3. The Sexy Spikes SRK’s journey of experimenting with the spiky hairdo started from Ra.One. The spikes upped his hotness quotient and made all the girls swoon over him. Ace the sexy spikes by using the BBLUNT Total Control Maximium Hold Fibre Paste and let your hair do the talking. Looking out for more style inspiration from the king? Check out 4 Products You Need To Look Like Shahrukh Khan and let the compliments come your way.

Shahrukh Khan Ra.One Hairstyle
Courtesy: Rediff

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