Style Your Hair Tara Sutaria’s Way

Tara Sutaria, the new diva on the block, who’s made quite a stir in the industry with her debut movie, looks like she is here to slay and stay! Her impeccable looks and effortless style is not only great to look at but also super easy to grasp and recreate. We’ve picked out the best of Tara’s hairstyles that you can easily recreate by yourself. Read on to find out how you can take inspiration from this young beauty’s hairdos and style them your way!
Half High Ponytail
Picture courtesy: @tarasutaria | Instagram

1. Half High Ponytail

Whether the occasion is formal, informal, or semi-formal, you can never go wrong with a ponytail. They are your saviour when you’re struggling to find a perfect hairstyle. While Tara is slaying this half high ponytail look, here’s how you can get it too. Start by spraying some of the a few inches away from your scalp. Now, brush your strands with your fingers so as to give them a freshly washed look and feel. Following this, section your hair in two parts, separating the crown hair and the lower hair. Tie the crown section in a high ponytail and leave the lower strands loose. Curl the loose lower strands with the help of a tong in random sections to give it a more natural look.
Long Natural Waves
Picture courtesy: @tarasutaria | Instagram

2. Long Natural Waves

Since natural is the new trend, how about going for an effortless hairdo that makes turn heads everywhere you go? Recreate these beautiful natural waves of Tara Sutaria’s at home in just a couple of simple steps. The trick to getting these gorgeous waves is to slightly tweak your regular drying process. Wet your hair slightly unless you’ve just washed it and use your comb to create a side parting. While you blow-dry your hair, curl it with a roller comb simultaneously. Your waves are now ready to be flaunted! Enhance your long natural waves by applying some of the .
Sexy Tousled Hair Picture courtesy: @tarasutaria | Instagram

3. Sexy Tousled Hair

There’s no denying that tousled hair looks impeccably sexy! Whatever be the length of your hair, you can easily create these tousles and kill it just like Tara Sutaria is! To get this look, start by applying some of them , on your damp hair and brush it through now with the help of a curl dryer diffuser, scrunch up your hair to achieve this look. Damn easy right? You’ll be ready to slay in absolutely no time!
Loose Curls
Picture courtesy: @tarasutaria | Instagram

4. Loose Curls

If you’re one of those who chooses comfort along with style, loose curls are just what you need! Show off your chill side with this gorgeous look and steal the spotlight, just like Tara is in this picture! To sport, these loose curls, start by washing your hair and then towel dry them. Now, apply some of the on your damp hair and ruffle it with your fingers. Following this, use a curling iron to wrap your hair around the tong in random motion. Once done, run your fingers through your hair to loosen up the curls. There you go! Your curls are not just loose and relaxed but also prominent. Love reading up about hairstyles and want to know what is trending right now? Check out The Best Of Cannes 2019 Red Carpet Looks!
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