How To Style Your Hair Using A Hair Gel

Women totally dig men who have a good hairstyle. You instantly up your chances of getting noticed by a hot girl if you are flaunting a cool hairstyle. Be it your office or an evening at the local pub, prepping your hair just a wee bit will leave a lasting impression on girls. That’s why our Stylists at BBLUNT have to put together some cool hairstyles that you can get in just minutes by using BBLUNT’s Gel Oh! Natural Hold Gel, Total Control -Maximum Hold Fibre Paste & 3D Texturizing Wax Paste. The process is simple, just apply any of the three, evenly throughout shampooed, and towel dried hair. Use a hair dryer and your comb to put together a suave look in minutes. If your imagination can’t help you, we surely can. Check out these fun hairstyles which you can put together yourself quite easily. Here's How to style your hair using BBLUNT’s Gel Oh! Natural Hold Gel, Total Control -Maximum Hold Fibre Paste & 3D Texturizing Wax Paste 1. Mad Men This is a classic hairstyle which gets all women drooling. Be it a professional meeting or that first date night, this look will definitely leave heads turning. mad men 2. High Definition Who said only girls just wanna have fun? Curls do to! So boys, don’t mess with it, just style and you will be left with curls that are tamed and fun. It’s a perfect look for a game night with the boys or even a pool party. hi definition 3. Total Control Simple and sexy, this look is ideal for men with short – medium length hair. Just throw in a little amount of the paste and style it with your bare hands to get the desired look. This style is always handy and gets you going for almost every occasion. total control 4. Rebel Without A Cause If you have got the hair for this look, then you MUST go for it. If leaving a lasting impression is your style, then you have got the product to do just that. Be adventurous and flaunt it for one of those wild party nights. Gentlemen remember, when men follow fashion, women follow men! rebel without a cause So boys, you have our permission to go wild! Well... provided it's only with your hair. Check out how to get all these looks here.
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