Stylish Tips From The Godmother of #Style - Adhuna Bhabani

With great styling, comes great responsibility! We decided to sum up some of our #ManeMaestro, Adhuna Bhabanis ultimate styling tips to help you look fabulous. Are you ready for some major mane wisdom? Here you go! Styling Tips From The Godmother Of Style - Adhuna Bhabani
  1. On haircuts Adhuna Bhabani usually prefers short and sassy! Her favorite hairdo would be the bob. Shes actually sported a lot of short hairstyles along the way, some straight, some curly, but always short.
  2. On fighting the frizz Adhuna Bhabani recommends BBLUNTs Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream to fight the frizz this season. It smoothens your hair and enhances natural movement.
  3. On bad hair days Go for headgear! Our grooming guru recommends some funky headgear hats, scarves, and hairbands, to beat those bad hair days. And dont forget, theres always BBLUNTs Back To Life Dry Shampoo.
  4. On hair routines Adhuna Bhabani recommends to always use a good shampoo and conditioner rather than settling. Always pick a shampoo that caters to your scalp type and a conditioner that is meant for the hair lengths.
  5. On what to stay away from She loves to experiment, and so do we! When it comes to hair, always go big or go home. Obviously, it depends on each individual and what they are willing to try out.
  6. On whats trendy for the summer The faux bob or any of the variations of a bob! From a short bob to a long bob, meant for curly or straight hair. It goes with any hair textures and brings out your features.
  7. On doing the different If youve got straight hair, always go for hairstyles that add texture and movement. Adhuna Bhabani recommends braids to give a little oomph to your straight tresses!
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