Beat The Heat - 6 Summer Hair Care Tips

Summer is here! Is your hair ready? Beat the heat with these tips that we must say, are pretty neat. Keep your summer groovy and you hair free. This month requires you to pamper your hair, to keep it looking shiny and smooth all day all night. Beat The Heat - 6 Summer Hair Care Tips

1. Protect Your Hair From The Sun For the summer, invest in products that have UV protection. This season tends to leave the pores of your scalp open, so let your hair absorb all the good stuff.

2. It̢‰s A Wrap Cover your hair up with a scarf or hat, this helps to retain the moisture during the months of summer. Hats or scarves act like shields against scalp damage. So let these shields be your shortcut to good mane days!

3. Summer Styles Keep it loose and fun this summer. Braids and up-dos work best, keeping your hair moisture happy and damage-free. Don̢‰t tie it up too tight, instead keep it messy and gentle.

4. Take A Shower Right after you have been exposed to the sun all day, it is a must to take that shower. It will eliminate the UV damage and also remove the impurities from your hair. Focus on having clean and healthy hair this month!

5. Go Deep Or Go Dry Goodbye to split ends and dryness when you have deep conditioning treatments! This summer calls for head massages and shiny fabulous hair. Book a relaxing treatment at least twice or thrice a week, for best results

6. Shake and Mix A mixture of water, Aloe Vera juice and Avocado Oil is a magic potion to keep that moisture intact. You can even make a mixture of Argan Oil and water and spritz some onto your hair. Once you're done with your summer hair care, move on to some summer hairstyling! Check out some easy hairstyles to try in the summer.

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