5 Summer Haircuts You Must Try

Summer is the perfect time for playful and bolder looks. To stay fresh and stylish out there, check out these summer hairstyles and get some summer haircut inspiration. 5 Summer Haircuts You Must Try Edgy Pixie Courtesy: www.dailymail.com 1. Edgy Pixie This haircut has a feminine, soft touch to it along with being funky, which balances it out, without making it over the top. It’s longer and choppier on the top and shorter on the sides. If you are a person who is big on confidence, this is the perfect summer haircut for you! Short Lob Courtesy: www.totalbeauty.com 2. Short Lob Just above the shoulder hair length with hidden layers and chunky side swept bangs with textured sharp ends works well for the versatile style. It looks great at all stages of growth and gives a chic summer look. Deep Wispy Bangs Courtesy: www.pinterest.com 3. Deep Wispy Bangs This one length hair with deep bangs is easy to pull off! The bangs are full and wide with a soft layer around the edges. The wispy ends will add definition to the simple style and also enhance the cheekbones in a flattering way. Fringe Shag Courtesy: www.brit.com 4. Fringe Shag Speed up your morning without sacrificing style! This haircut is a staple summer style, giving a playful and carefree vibe, with the shaggy ends to the already short, textured hair. Classic Layered Waves Courtesy: www.beautifieddesigns.com 5. Classic Layered Waves Layered haircuts are suitable for all hair lengths- short, medium, and long! It’s an interesting style as it offers versatile shapes and also adds volume to your hair. You can create your own fresh and exciting look by adding your own unique style to the haircut! Check out your Summer Hair Survival Kit here.
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