That Desi Girl Tells Us Why We Need Dry Shampoo

That Desi Girl writes about our Dry Shampoo. Check out what she has to say.

A dry shampoo? But why? Wouldn۪t it just build up more product in my hair? Is it even worth the hype? Wouldn۪t it just make my hair more dirty? *ewwwww*۝

With all these questions ringing in my head, I picked the B:Blunt Back to Life Dry Shampoo that I received in my Grazia Beauty Box and shoved it to the back of my closet. However, on a cold morning in Delhi, I bit the bullet and tried the dry shampoo for the first time. And boy, was it great! That is exactly why I am here sharing why everyone needs dry shampoo, and how this particular one by B:Blunt is all you need.

How to Use?

Detangle hair completely. After shaking the can, hold it six inches away from the hair and spray evenly, close to the roots. Leave it on for 2-5 minutes to let the formula absorb oil, massage, and then brush through the hair. Your non greasy, non limp, revamped hair are ready to rock!

Why Use It?

Over shampooing your hair strips them of natural oils hindering growth. Dry shampoo works on absorbing extra grime and grease on the scalp lengthening the time between washes. Besides, sometimes it is just not practical to wash hair and at those times, a dry shampoo is a lifesaver. Also, it adds a lot of volume and texture to your locks making it a great product to use before trying sexy braids or updos.

So do I use a Dry Shampoo just when I don۪t have any time to wash?

Actually, no. There are quite a few other times too when a dry shampoo is a boon.

1. After your workout

All that cardio and weight lifting can make you sweat and mess up your perfect hair. A few sprays, and you۪re good to go!

2. To add texture

Freshly washed hair is difficult to style. A little dry shampoo gives the required texture to hold the hair better in a complicated style.

3. Season Season

Dry shampoo is great for winter days when you don۪t have the courage to wash hair and it۪s also wonderful for the summer days when your freshly washed hair also can turn into a greasy mess within hours! Spray spray and you۪re done!

4. Travelling

Between flights, long day travelling and no access to a shower? Dry shampoo is The thing you need!

Is Dry Shampoo good for every hair type?

Or in other words, who should NOT use a Dry Shampoo? Well, unfortunately, dry shampoo is not suitable for those with extremely dry hair, for obvious reasons. Also, since it needs to be brushed through, people with too curly/coarse hair may find it difficult to work with. Not to mention, if you have allergies (pollen, dust, anything) dry shampoo is not for you.


Dry shampoo is a great means to lengthen the life of your shampoo, it is a quick fix, but it is NOT a substitute. My golden rule is, do not use dry shampoo twice in a row. After all, you are adding build up on your head and have to ultimately wash it off. Dry shampoo gets rid of the excess oil, but does nothing to combat bacteria.

If you have any scalp condition, dandruff etc., steer clear of dry shampoos. At this point, you actually need a medicated shampoo to help your hair.

Now coming to B:Blunt Back to Life Dry Shampoo, it is quite amazing for Indian hair. Since we have dark hair, we need a special formulation that won۪t leave a white/gray residue. This shampoo leaves no residue at all and feels light as air too. It has a pleasant smell, leaves hair fresh and feels great. It really is a boon to quickly fix hair.

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