The 4 Best Oils For Your Hair Type

As children, we have always been taught to apply oil to our hair. We all recognize that blue bottle of coconut oil and the sweet nostalgic memories of our grandmothers applying warm oil to our hair. It takes us back to our childhood. But as the years pass by we have discovered a variety of oils that come with amazing natural benefits, providing nourishment to our hair and scalp. The 4 Best Oils For Your Hair Type 1. Coconut Oil Suited for all hair types Now we know why coconut oil۪s 2 minute champi۪ were a common occurrence during the good ol۪ days. Packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates this oil works well with dry, oily, frizzy hair. It replenishes the scalp and keeps hair long and healthy. 2. Almond Oil Suited to combat dandruff and repair damaged hair Almond oil helps reduce scalp inflammations which lead to itching, dandruff, hair fall and sometimes, acne. Almond oil is a natural coolant which spreads itself into a protective layer over your scalp and prevents the roots from being damaged. 3. Olive Oil Suited to repair frizzy hair Using olive oil on the ends of your hair moisturizes those brittle ends and will help smooth down the split ends and tame the frizz. This works great in the winter when hair tends to be drier and is perfect for those who routinely flat iron their hair. Olive oil also adds natural shine to your hair while making it smooth and is also a good option to get rid of dandruff. 4. Argon Oil Suited to get rid of rough hair Argon Oil is packed with essential antioxidants and fatty acids which promote hair growth and make hair shiny and luscious. It is great to use after a hair wash as it keeps the hair smooth and not dry. It۪s a great oil to use while styling, since our hair is exposed to so much heat. It۪s always good to have some natural replenishment. Moroccan Argon oil may be a little heavy on your pocket but is a smart investment due to its varying benefits. Get a good oil massage at least once a week with a hair oil of your choice.
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