The 5 Commandments of Curly Hair

Girls with curls are often unhappy with their hair. Well, having curly hair is not bad! Curly hair can look beautiful if maintained and cared for well. It̢‰s not always the straight hair that̢‰s a turn on. Curly hairstyles too can make heads turn. So, if you wish to make heads turn, go ahead and follow these five commandments for glamorous curly hairstyles for women.

The 5 Commandments of Curly Hair

1. Shampoo Less or Not At All Be careful about your shampooing. Do not wash your hair too often if your hair doesn̢‰t require it. Know your hair type before figuring how often you need shampooing.

2. Conditioning For those with curly hair, conditioning is extremely important. Natural oils take longer to travel from your scalp to the ends making the ends look dry and dull. Condition those ends to prevent it from drying.

3. Don̢‰t Touch Your Hair Often It is best for you to leave your curly hair the way it is. The more you fidget, the frizzier and messier you are making your hair. Constant touching makes your gorgeous curly hair dirty and sticky.

4. Reduce Heat Exposure Heat is not good for your hair! Increased exposure to heat machines depletes the proteins in your hair, making it look unhealthy. These heat machines make your hair dry and limp.

5. Style Your Hair When It's Wet We recommend styling your hair when it̢‰s wet to prevent frizz and a sticky feeling. It also helps to retain the style long after your hair is dry. So there you go! Just follow these 5 commandments to have perfect curly hairstyles each time you try!

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