The Best Hair Care Routine For Damaged Hair

If you have recently realized that you have damaged hair, fret not because it happens to the best of us! Extensive heat styling sessions, bad hair dye jobs or repetitive chemical treatments, we all have our guilty pleasures which prove to be the culprits in damaging our precious mane. So what can you do to revive your damaged mane? The good news is hair grows but that takes time. The bonus point is with the right measures, products and a little bit of patience, damaged hair can be restored back to life. To get healthy looking hair, follow this simple hair care routine as religiously as you follow your skincare routine.

1. The Right Cleanser

Always start with the basics. The right hair cleanser and the right way to apply the same is important. Having hot showers appeals to everyone but that is not what your damaged tresses need. The hot water may actually lead to dryness. So, the next time you hop into the shower, turn down the temperature. After soaking your hair with lukewarm water, reach for a shampoo that is specially designed for damaged hair like the BBLUNT Repair Remedy Shampoo For Damaged Hair. Gently massage this into your hair, focusing on the roots. After building up a lather, rinse the same with some water.

2. The Right Conditioner

Always follow up the shampoo with the right conditioner. We know you are always running late or just plain lazy, but never skip this step. Rather than mixing and matching products, which often do not give the desired results, follow up with the BBLUNT Repair Remedy Conditioner For Damaged Hair that will boost the much-needed nourishment into your mane. To get optimum results, apply to wet hair and massage gently, focusing on the ends of your hair. Then let the conditioner sit for 1-2 minutes, working its magic while you carry on with your shower. Rinse with lukewarm water.

3. The Right Follow-Up

Many people think that shampoo and conditioner are the only two products you need for the perfect hair care routine. But that is not the case, especially when dealing with damaged hair. After the shower, apply some of the BBLUNT Repair Remedy Leave-In Cream For Damaged Hair to damp hair. Filled with keratin and argan oil, this will replenish the overly damaged hair, leaving strands supple and repaired without sacrificing natural bounce and movement. This will also act as a protective layer for your mane against pollution and other environmental hazards.

4. The Right Way To Dry

The towels we use to dry our hair are not very beneficial for damaged hair. Replace the rough towel with a cotton t-shirt as it is gentler towards dry and brittle hair. Flip your hair upside down and pat dry gently with the cotton t-shirt. Do not rub the strands vigorously. Adapt this new method of drying your strands and we promise, you will be thanking us later.

5. The Right Hairstyles

When you are breathing some life back to your dull and damaged hair, it is essential to keep a check on the hairstyles you don. It is vital to stay clear of all the hot tools like the curling tongs, straightening irons and even the hair dryers. Instead, go for hairstyles that do not require your hair to go through any heat. If you are thinking this is a difficult job, then let us help you out. All you need to do is check out, Hairstyles That Keep The Damage At Bay If you are not yet convinced by us as to why you need to change your daily hair care routine and why exactly you need to replace your normal products with the specially curated, BBLUNT Repair Remedy Range For Damaged Hair, then do have a look at Keratin And Argan Oil – The Power Combo For Your Hair that you need to get your hands on!
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