The Classic Look of Bollywood’s Most Stylish Director Karan Johar

We all know Karan Johar for his extravagant Bollywood movies and of course his style! He is the only director in Bollywood who keeps up with all the new trends and Koffee as well, if you know what we mean! He has created many movies over the years and made his mark in the industry. While he never fails to impress us with his unique style he also makes heads turn with his love for fashion. Have you ever seen Karan Johar having a bad hair day? Never, right? His hair is always so poised, neat and positioned which will make you envy his hairstyle. Read on to know more about his classic hairstyle.
Image Courtesy: @karanjohar| Instagram
If you’ve been eyeing Karan Johar’s style you cannot miss out his classic pompadour look of all time. You will not only fall in love with his sleek, classic and most stunning looks but also give you major hair goals! Here’s how you can achieve the classic hairstyle of Karan Johar:

Step 1:

To get this look, start by washing your hair and then towel drying it. Make sure your hair is damp before you start styling it

Step 2:

Take some of the on your fingers and work it evenly in your hair, this will give your hair a structure and a base to hold your hair for the style you’re about to create.

Step 3:

Grab a round brush and start brushing your hair backwards while pushing the hair in forward and upward direction. This movement of brushing will help you achieve the desired style.

Step 4:

Now, start blow drying your hair section by section, make sure you blow dry and brush your hair at the same time to ensure your hair gets the right direction.

Step 5:

Continue brushing your hair for some time to get that extra volume. Make sure you point your hair in the outward direction.

Step 6:

To finish off the look, take some of the on your finger tips and work it through on the top of your hair to maintain the height and shape of the pompadour. There you have it, the classic Karan Johar pompadour in no time. It’s really a quick and easy one, if you all you men have been eyeing this stylish director’s hairstyle now you know how to get it! Want to catch up more on these dapper men’s hairstyle? Check out Messy or Dressy – 5 Mens Hairstyle Every Guy Should Know How To Do
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