The Classic Quiff With Delhi Fashion Blogger & BBLUNT

Check out Delhi Fashion Blogger's classic quiff with BBLUNT. Another day, Another cool and easy hairstyle with @bbluntindia Here's yet another cute curly hairstyle that I bet on for my medium-curly hair. It's the classic quiff, suitable for every style, not only for vintage or retro fans. To get this: 1. I applied BBLUNT High Definition Curl, Curl-Defining Leave-In Cream to my damp hair to define my flowing locks. 2. Leaving the front section of the crown, I back-combed the back section of the crown using a rat-tail comb. This adds a lot of voluminous bouffant effect to the quiff. 3. Now pin the untouched front section of the hair to the back to cover the teased quiff. Use the end of the rat-tail comb to tug at the quiff to add even more volume. 4. Just spray the BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish For Instant Shine to hold the look together while adding gloss. This hairstyle helps flaunt your forehead, bringing out the sharp facial features that we Indians have. It۪s very classy and elegant, but a quiff is really what you make of it, as it's perfect for any occasion. Tell me how you like this style, and I'll create some more interesting ones for you!!!
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