The Do's And Don'ts Of Hair Straightening At Home

It is a bliss to be able to sneak out of your daily mundane look and wear the stylish hat every now and then. Sleek looking straight hair never goes out of style when it comes to making a quick statement. Take a look at the Dos and Don’ts of hair straightening at home. The Do's And Don'ts Of Hair Straightening At Home 1. Start At The Shower Moisturized hair is easier to manage and hence, whenever you plan to straighten your hair, ensure that you do not skip the shower. Use a nourishing shampoo like BBLUNT Intense Moisture Shampoo, For Seriously Dry Hair and follow it up with BBLUNT Intense Moisture Conditioner, For Seriously Dry Hair. 2. Don’t Rub, Just Pat Do not rub your hair vigorously to dry them out. Instead use a soft towel and pat your hair gently as you move down along the length and let it air dry completely. Do not subject wet hair to heat treatments. 3. Before Straightening It is important to protect your hair from any potential damage due to heating. Apply a protective hair serum all over your hair and allow it to be absorbed well. Once settled, you may begin with straightening. 4. Correct Straightener Make sure that you choose a straightener with ceramic plates and tourmaline. Ceramic plates allow even heating while tourmaline accentuates the look by imparting a lovable sheen to your hair. 5. Enhance The Volume If you feel that your straightened hair lacks volume, then pump up your hairdo with BBLUNT Blown Away, Volumizing Leave-In Spray. To know about smoothened hair treatments click here.
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