The Girl From Fuss - Rhea Gupte Goes Caribbean Blue With BBLUNT

Rhea Gupte goes Caribbean Blue with BBLUNT's One Night Stand Blue Velvet Temporary Hair Colour. Check out her lookbook! beach, bblunt, short bob, blue hair, hair color, palette, minimal, rhea gupte, the girl from FUSS FEATURING BBLUNT

One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour Blue Velvet

Photography by Rema Chaudhary | Creative Direction, Styling, Modelling by Rhea Gupte In this day and age of over-sharing, having an opinion because one needs to, and projecting instead of being, there are very few brands which get their message right and sound authentic. Clinique surely did that with their Face Forward campaign, bringing together celebrated talents this generation; Tavi, Margaret and Hannah, I can say the same about most Nike ads which go beyond selling a shoe and concentrate on a positive attitude while providing fitness inspiration all round. Another brand whose philosophy made me fall in love with it, is BBLUNT. In a few words, the brand eloquently sums up everything that is wrong with the beauty industry today and how it stands for the opposite. It gives me great pleasure to work with a brand with such strong beliefs of individuality, encouraging diversity in human beings and embracing so-called imperfections. Since the past few weeks, I have been trying a few of BBLUNT۪s prepping and styling products. They work like a dream, especially now that my hair is short, it۪s fun to try out multiple hairstyles with a little help from a gel, a spray or a leave-in cream to keep it all together. For this particular shoot I experimented with their temporary hair color. These are the steps I followed: 1. Decide how you want to color your hair | I wanted to keep my hair natural and have color on the fringe and a few other sections of the crown. You can definitely try a braid with one blue section peeking out or a single strong streak. 2. Make sure your hair is dry and devoid of any moist product | or in my case sea water, always the sea water. 3. Shake the product well before spraying | putting on fun music and having a friend to share the moment with also helps. 4. Make sure to cover your face, hands, walls with newspaper, gloves, a plastic sheet, any kind of protective gear in case you are terrible at aiming | I newspapered by full bathroom floor, incase I get a sudden burst of the clumsies 4. Spray onto the section you picked | or didn۪t pick? Experimenting is sometimes about not knowing, right? 5. Let it dry off for a bit | you could comb through the excess color too, I didn۪t do that, as I wanted the color to be it۪s brightest possible version for the shoot 6. Et voila! For this particular look, I finished an entire bottle of product, so it you are thinking of a more global color, make sure to pick up multiple bottles. The product leaves the hair slightly hard, a texture similar to the one after a regular setting spray, therefore make sure you deposit color on pre-styled hair as there isn۪t much one can do after application. The color is the easiest to get rid of with a single quick shower; I seriously worked so hard during this shoot to not let a single sea water droplet touch a strand. Though the blue is my personal favourite, One Night Stand colors are also available in four other shades. It۪s fun to try on without the commitment of a permanent hair color and an easy DIY. The next few weeks, I will be sharing my experiments with a few more BBLUNT products on my Instagram account and on the blog. Tag along! Rhea Check out the whole look book here.
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