The Hair Diaries - An Ode To Hair

Dear Hair, today is a wonderful day, for you, for me, for us! The skies are a clear blue with the wind blowing through you, making you dance on the outside and me on the inside. I wanted to tell you today that I am in love, in love with you. Your colour, your texture, your length and volume c۪est magnifique. And I want to promise you that no matter what, you and I will never part. You۪re my partner in crime-always together in times of sadness, happiness & fun. You are the one, the only one who makes me feel good almost every day. You know those days when we fight and just don۪t cooperate with each other typical bad hair day۪ Sometimes things might get a bit rough, and we also have those days when I don۪t even want to look at you, but no matter what, we always find a way to reconnect and things get smooth again. As I admire you each day, you compliment me back. You are my accessory and I am your muse, seeing you shine takes away all my blues. Your touch throws all my worries away and when I get nervous, you always let me play. People think I am crazy, because of my obsession! The way I look at you and keep on trying things that are new. We all take care of our prized treasures, and having you as my treasure is undoubtedly, my pleasure.۝
Take care of your hair, it۪s one of your greatest possessions after all.
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