The Hair Style File Of Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid has come out of the shadows of her sister, Gigi Hadid and has made quite a following of fans for herself. Well, 21 million to be exact, going by her Instagram account. Is it any wonder she is the brand ambassador of multiple campaigns and is an icon for an insane number of millennials? Bella Hadid is one of the top influencers in the beauty industry and when it comes to hair, she is not afraid to experiment. While her natural haircut has been the famous LA bob, she does make use of hair extensions to spice things up. Let us have a look at some of her most memorable hairstyles.
bella hadid haircut 2018
Courtesy: Instagram| @bellahadid

1. Long Bob Hairstyle

Bella Hadid has often been spotted donning the famous bob hairstyle. And why not? The sleek and sexy haircut really suits her! It is the haircut that has been trending a lot this year. So much so that our Bollywood babes also couldn’t resist it. If you have also been planning to Go Short Like Yami Gautam, then there hasn’t been a better time! Bella Hadid's bob hairstyle will make you chic.
bella hadid hairstyle Courtesy: Instagram| @bellahadid

2. Cornrow Inspired Braids

Bella is known to set the trends rolling. She was the one responsible for bringing the tiny glasses and scrunchies back to fashion. Following suit, Bella tried her hand at the complicated cornrow hairstyle but with her own twist to it. She only braided her crown area, leaving the rest of the strands open. Do use them to ensure that you always have smooth and manageable hair. Hadid's braid hairstyle is absolutely stunning.
bella hadid hair Courtesy: Instagram| @bellahadid

3. Sleek Top Knot

Bella turned up the heat when she showed up at an event in an LBD with a sleek top bun. She accentuated the look more by creating a side-parting to the hairstyle. Go for this hairstyle the next time you want to paint the town red! Don’t forget to spray the to add the layer of gloss and shine to the hairstyle. This Bella Hadid hairstyle is perfect for your next party.
bella hadid Courtesy: Instagram| @bellahadid

4. Poker Straight

Miss Hadid can be seen here giving the sleek and sexy vibe in her poker-straight hairstyle. We all love going for this look from time to time and this supermodel is no different. We love that she kept her monochrome look simple and chic by going for this hairstyle. While we love our mane straight and clean, excessive use of hot tools leads to dry and damaged hair. This is where the comes to the rescue. It works to smoothen hair whilst protecting it from harmful pollution, chemical treatment and heat styling damage. This Bella Hadid hairstyle will give you a neat and defined look.
bella hadid cute Courtesy: Instagram| @bellahadid

5. Twirled Half-Sie

Since the bob hairstyle is her favourite, Bella experiments with the same from time to time. She showed everyone that the half-sie hairstyle is not meant for long hair length only. She glammed up the look more by first twirling her locks. Use them so that your curls are enhanced and stay intact without any frizz. This Bella Hadid hairstyle is here to stay.
bella slicked back hairstyle
Courtesy: Instagram| @bellahadid

6. Slick Back Wet Look

The brushed straight back sleek hairstyle gives that sexy oomph factor to any outfit. Take cues from Bella to don this hairstyle. It is easy to create and will hardly take few minutes. All you need to do is take some of the and apply it to your mane while pushing it back. There! You are all hot and ready to roll.
bella hadid ponytail
Courtesy: Instagram| @bellahadid

7. High Pony

Bella adds sophistication to her look by going for the high ponytail from time to time. For this look to really work, you need to pull the pony back tight and high on the head. Make sure to prep your hair first with them so that you have smooth hair without any frizz, no matter the weather outside! These are some of the best and latest Bella Hadid hairstyles. These hairstyles are easy to style and will make you look absolutely gorgeous. We could swoon over Bella Hadid all day long and we’re sure you would love to join us too! Love the International supermodels and want to feast your eyes on more? Do check out, The Hadid Sisters’ Sleek Hairstyles
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