The Hindu - Adhuna Bhabani's tress busters

Adhuna Bhabani sports a bob. But with a twist. It’s longer with a cute braid on the crown of her head. Stylish as always, Adhuna was in Bengaluru recently for the launch of the first ever in-store salon in Westside, Kamaraj Road.
Adhuna says that a stylish bob and braids are among the latest hair trends for the season.
But she adds: “We treat everyone as an individual. The only person you need to look like is you. It’s important to work with what you have naturally, and enhancing or complementing it. If you have curly hair, you can’t go straight. It’s better to enhance it with the right products, the right hair cut, preparing the hair to styling and protecting the hair and even colouring.”
“I have a reputation of cutting off everyone’s hair,” Adhuna laughs and says when asked if shorter styles are better than long hair. “That is because I have sported short hair. But that reputation is not true. You tend to get associated with what you have. Long hair is part of our culture. Holding onto your length just for the sake of it, doesn’t work.”
Among the many hair myths, she emphatically singles out: “Oiling your hair,” and adds: “The consistency of oil as a product is good for penetrating the scalp. Oil doesn’t create moisture. When you apply oil, you have to shampoo it so aggressively that any benefit you get in applying oil is lost.”
If you want to hide your greys, Adhuna has sound advice. “Don’t try to achieve the same colour you had when you were younger. Go a shade lighter. As you age and grey, skin tone also changes. But if you use the same colour you were born with, then your face looks harsh and artificial. What I do is keep some of the white, and colour the rest. That way you slow down the process and don’t block it out completely.”
Hair preparation isn’t just shampooing your hair. Adhuna nods in agreement and adds: “It involves shampooing, cleaning the scalp, conditioning the hair and then protecting. We have four variants. They are volumising, daily use perfect balance, and intense moisture, born again for damaged hair. Then there’s styling and finally transform, which range from hair extensions, clip on fringe, pony tails, volume on your crown and temporary hair colour.”
For the perfect hair style, Adhuna suggests, “It’s not just about the face. It’s about body proportion, lifestyle, suitability, how much time you have to spend on your hair, what is hair naturally and bone structure.”
The hair specialist adds there are five top hair styles this season. “Texture is freer, softer or dishevelled, fluffier as opposed to coiffed. Then there are hair accessories like braids and ornaments. Hair colour for this season is a combination of pastel shades.”

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