The Indian Spot Reviews BBLUNT's Full On Volume Shampoo

Archana Guruswamy from The Indian Spot reviewed our Full On Volume Shampoo! Check out what she has to say below.

Today۪s review is about a volumizing shampoo. I have very fine hair which tends to get flat and limp. So, I was looking for something to add bounce and volume to my hair. I decided to try this BBLUNT Full on Shampoo for Fine Hair۝ as I have previously tried their other variant BBLUNT Born Again Shampoo for Stressed Hair۝ and liked it. Read on to know how it works.

BBLUNT claims: Fine hair has a new lease of life. This shampoo gives you incredible volume and lift, while also retaining essential moisture. Enjoy big, bouncy hair that feels alive.

Ingredients: Hydrolyzed Rice Protein, Provitamin B5 & Glycerin. Specially created for Indian hair with a unique colour protect formula.

Strength Of Rice Protein : Rice Protein is known to help increase hair elasticity and thickness, without stripping it of natural lipids or moisture. Get full, bouncy, healthy hair, now!

My experience:

The shampoo comes in a compact travel-friendly packaging with a press-to-open cap. You press on one side and a small hole to dispense the product appears on the other side. The shampoo is pearl white in colour and has medium consistency. The fragrance is very mild unlike the other BBLUNT variants so even sensitive nose people can give this a try. Just a coin sized dollop is enough for one wash as it lathers really well. It cleanses hair very well, though leaves it a little frizzy, so you need to follow up with a conditioner. Preferably, go with the BBLUNT Full on Volume Conditioner for added effects. After drying my hair, I can clearly notice the volume and bounce in my hair. My hair feel thicker, bouncy and at the same time soft and smooth. The volumising effects lasts for even 2-3 days. I am in love with this shampoo and its clearly one of the best volumising shampoos available in India.


Cleanses hair and scalp well leaving it fresh and clean.

Adds bounce and volume to fine hair.

Makes hair soft and smooth.

Lathers well so a little quantity goes a long way.

Volumising effects lasts for even 2-3 days.

Travel friendly, compact packaging.


Makes hair a little frizzy.

Rating: 4.7/

Price and quantity: Rs.100 for 50ml and Rs.500 for 400ml.

Verdict: BBLUNT Full on Shampoo for Fine Hair is definitely a must try for people with fine, limp hair. It gives you voluminous, bouncy and soft hair. The price is a little expensive, but its a salon range product and also since only a small quantity is required for each wash, the product will last for a long time.

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