The One Night Stand Your Hair Needs

We all like to shake things up every now and then. Especially when we are looking to get dolled up and look the best versions of ourselves! The need to wear bright colours, try out new things, experiment and go all out is a feeling we all get every once in a while. So, do what you wish for! If looking like a unicorn is your game, then go for it. Want to play it safe and blend in with your natural hair colour? We have the solution for you. Read on to find out how your favourite bloggers the one solution approved by your favourite bloggers as well. nilu thapa bighairloudmouth

1. Nilu Thapa From Bighairloudmouth

Famously known by her Instagram handle, Bighairloudmouth, Nilu Thapa tried her hand at the and Nilu wanted to shake things up with her pixie cut and found solace in colouring her mane temporarily. She was certainly happy with the results. See her excitement unfold here. Nilu has got the sass and is not afraid to show that girls with short hair can experiment just as much as the ladies with long hair.

shalini knotmepretty

2. Shalini From Knot Me Pretty

If you have been looking ways to create hairstyles suitable for curly hair, then this video of Shailini creating three different types of hairstyles is the one that you need to watch. When she wanted to add the element of zest to her hairstyles, she went for the and The hair colour just elevates the hairstyle and makes it more distinguished and noticeable. This the perfect way to test out a hair colour shade without actually committing to the hair colour shade. In case you do not like the colour, you can always just wash it off.


3. Shanaya

Shanaya shows how to get ready for the party season by adding the perfect amount of glam to her hair with colour. Not ready for the commitment? No problem! Experimenting is key when it comes to finding the perfect hair colour shade. Let Shanaya show you the art of adding the perfect hair colour to your mane the right way by reading her take here. We know that finding the right guy – we mean the right hair colour for life is the goal, but you need to experiment a little to find out your perfect shade first. Lucky for you, we’ve got just the right solution for all your hair experiments! So go all out and find the right look to switch things up your way! The BBLUNT One Night Stand is not only famous amongst your favourite bloggers, but it also gets covered by magazines for being a product that is loved by the people. Don’t believe us? Check our coverage here when Femina Got Funky With The BBLUNT One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour
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