The Rainbow Hair Trend

If you’re one of those who isn't afraid to experiment with their hair hues, rainbow hair is the perfect way to spruce up your look. It’s a high-maintenance look as the colours are temporary and hence would fade away eventually. To keep up the vibrancy of the rainbow colour, regular touch ups are preferable. Take a look at 3 different ways you can experiment with the rainbow trend. The Rainbow Hair Trend Hidden Rainbow Trend Courtesy: 1. Hidden Rainbow Trend The sneaky dying technique hides a vibrant rainbow of color beneath a curtain of a more natural shade, which allows you to reveal it as and when you wish to. The key to make sure the secret rainbow is actually a secret, one should preferably have a one-length haircut or longer layers. This style suits hair types — curly, textured, fine, and thick hair. Unicorn Hair Look Courtesy: 2. Unicorn Hair Look This look is quite simple compared to an all over pastel dip. Instead of having a full coverage and one pastel shade, you have chunks of various colours all on the same head. It's funky, fresh, versatile, and though the process is a little messy, it gives you all sorts of an art project feels on your head every time you re-apply the colour. Lilac Pastel Look Courtesy: 3. Lilac Pastel Look If you’re looking for pastel perfection, lilac and lavender are the shades of the season. Paired with bangs, this more permanent style change starts with lightening hair, and then adding lilac as a brightening over tone. You can also create your own custom lilac shade per your hairstyle and skin tone. Take a look at Wavy Hairstyles You Can Rock With Ease.
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