The Salon Secret Hair Colour Makeover Done By Shifa Merchant

How I Gave My Mom The BBlunt Salon Secret Makeover This Mother’s Day Since Mother’s Day was just around the corner, I, like everyone else, had my own plans of making that one super woman truly happy on this day. In our family, be it birthdays, anniversaries or some other special occasions, the celebrations always start a week in advance. After all, do we really need any reason to celebrate our bonds of love??? Another plus point of these pre-celebrations is that when the day actually arrives, you have already made that person feel so special throughout the week that the day becomes even more meaningful. This year, few days in advance of Mother’s Day, I casually took my mom out for some shopping at her favourite place and then made some fun plans that she would love- be it as simple as cooking together. The day before Mother’s Day started earlier than usual for her, and she was too tired to get up and walk to a salon as we had a family function later that day. That’s when I surprised her with the perfect gift of my hidden talent! Credit goes to her after all for passing on such genius multi-tasking genes. She’s fond of the Chocolate Dark Brown (No.3) shade from BBLUNT’s Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour but she was so down and tired to head to a salon. Guess who came to her rescue??? salon secret hair colour salon secret hair colour Not only did I order her favourite hair colour, but also I coloured her hair myself!!!! Yassss!!!! One thing I have realized over the years is that it is always these small things that touch your loved one’s heart and it indeed goes a long way. My Piscean mother is made of an iron exterior but she’s one of the most empathetic humans I have ever known and I don’t just say that because she is my mum. I mean the fact that I took out time for this, which was a small gesture for me, but for her it meant the WORLD!!! Doesn’t the chocolate brown shade by BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour look fabbbb on her??? I decided to add one more surprise for the Special Lady. Taking a cue from the Bollywood inspired hair colours and hairdos, I made my filmyyyyy mum just trust me and let me do her hairstyle. When she asked what is the style, my answer was – It’s inspired from your Favourite ACTRESS!!!! Honestly I was too scared to try my hand at this because she was headed to a function post this, but I guess her belief in me made it work like MAGIC!!! All the filmy-ness in me is all thanks to her!!! She was so ecstatic for this complete diva-like experience and that too all in the comfort of her own happy space. shifa merchant So this was the Bollywood style inspiration for my filmy diva – “Madhuri Dixit’s side swept braided waves”. All I did to attain this look is to section the top part, loosely braided it to one side and secured it in place with bobby pins. I then curled the hair from the bottom after parting it in small sections. madhuri dixit Have a look for yourself and I would love to hear your suggestions. I have never ever seen mumma dearest so happy and content, there was a glitter in her eye. The joy of doing this for her was so worth it and I am happy that BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour came to my rescue as the perfect Mother’s Day gift. 5 FYI – I found Madhuri’s hairdo on BBLUNT website and I immediately knew my mom would love this makeover!! This Mother’s Day plan a lovely surprise for her by doing all the things she loves by yourself!!
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