The Snob Journal Shows Us Her Ethnic Hairstyle

When I opt for an ethnic style, I usually leave my hair down or just put it up in a quick bun. I've got an upcoming wedding to attend, and this time around I decided to try a half-do for a change. The images make it pretty easy to understand how I created the hairstyle, but I'll just go through the process to give you guys a brief overview. As you can see, I took two sections from either sides of my hair, twisted them, and then braided them together down the middle. After that, I simply coiled the braid and sprayed some of @bbluntindia's Spotlight Hair Polish For Instant Shine to add an instant shine to my hair and set the look! Quick and easy, and perfect to pull off to any occasion, be it a wedding or a night out! #TheSnobJournal
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