The Snob Journal Shows Us How To Get The Perfect Sunday Brunch Look

Aashna Shroff from The Snob Journal created some beautiful Sunday Brunch looks with our products! Check out what she did to create these styles. I pick my hair products very carefully and BBLUNT is one such hair expertise brand that I trust. I've used their products for a while now, and have always been happy with the results! A typical Sunday for me begins with early morning shoots, some brunch, and then I usually just spend the day out. Since I don't experiment with my hair much, I thought I'd do something different and easy, that would work for a Sunday brunch or throughout the day as well. Who doesn’t need a quick fix on a weekend? As you can tell from the pictorial above, I twirled my hair to form a twist. In case you'd like to try this too, here's what I did : Step 1 : My hair was curled from the night before, so I just let it be the way it was. Step 2 : I prepped my hair with BBLUNT's Back To Life Dry Shampoo. It instantly freshened up my oily roots and made the grease disappear. I sprayed it on my roots from a slight distance and brushed out my hair, & it looked super fresh instantly. It also added some volume and texture to my hair. Step 3 : I took two sections of my hair from the front and tied them to form a ponytail at the back to begin with my hairstyle. Step 4 : I then took two more sections and tied them to form a ponytail on top of the previous one. Step 5 : What you see is two overlapped ponytails. Step 6 : I then took the second ponytail and tucked it into the first one and pulled it out from below. Step 7 : This is what the result of step 6 should look like. Step 8 : I repeated the same process twice with the ponytail that was on top each time. Step 9 : To finish the look, I needed instant shine and so I sprayed my hair with some BBLUNT's Spotlight Hair Polish for Instant Shine. It added a boost of shine, without weighing my hair down. Left it looking glossy and fresh. Step 10 : If done correctly, this is what the final result should look like. You may think this is complicated, but trust me, it's actually super easy to do! I hope you guys liked this and will try it out for yourselves. For further information, click here.
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