The Ultimate Un-Frizz Guide For Curly Hair This Month

Get your curls looking fabulous with these simple steps. Show off those twists and turns in the right way with the right products. Take a look below and you will know the key to your locks! The Ultimate Un-Frizz Guide For Curly Hair This Month

1. Go Trimming To keep your hair in place and frizz free, try trimming it regularly. This will help get rid of the split ends and keep your hair looking healthy and shiny.

2. How Deep Will You Go? Deep hair treatments are the best for your hair. They improve the quality of your mane and make it softer and bouncier. Deep conditioning will protect your hair from damage and make it stronger.

3. Use a Diffuser Air dry your hair instead of using heat. Sometimes your frizz is increased due to excess heat on your hair. Use a diffuser when styling your hair, this will give you a frizz free mane.

4. Good Pro For curly hair, use lightweight leave-in creams and sprays to set your hair. Scrunch your hair to form those glorious curls and give them enough time to dry. The more you brush your hair, the frizzier your mane gets. Use the BBLUNT High Definition Curl Defining Leave-In Cream to calm those rebellious curls.

5. Divide and Rule To style your hair to perfection, you must divide it into sections! Apply the product through your hair with your fingers and let it get absorbed. Make sure you only take a quarter amount of the product for application, that's all you need to make those curls rock.

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