The Ultimate Checklist For Fine Hair Care

Give your fine hair that volume and care it needs! Follow these simple tips to make your fine hair look voluminous and shiny. A healthy diet would also get your hair looking more like a celebrity. The Ultimate Checklist For Fine Hair Care 1. Hairspray is a must A silicone-free volumizing hairspray gives your hair the bounce it needs. Spray some at the roots of your hair for that instant volume and shine! 2. Got the right conditioner? Fine hair needs all the volume it can get! A lightweight moisturizing conditioner adds volume to your hair. The conditioner provides the hydration and care your fine tresses require! 3. Blowing it out? Always use a diffuser head to give volume without causing hair breakage, when you blow dry your hair. Don۪t use a brush when you blow dry your hair, this causes less breakage and helps keep the cuticles from becoming limp and flat. 4. Layered cut A haircut with layers around the face will give your hair more volume and bounce. Side swept bangs or beachy waves would look great too! 5. After your wash Your hair after a shampooing session is most fragile! Use a wide- toothed comb to detangle the knots. Be gentle with your hair and it will give you the best results. 6. Protect your hair Always use a heat protectant when styling your hair. The heat makes your hair look shiny and smooth, but eventually causes extreme damage to your mane. Reduce the amount of styling on your hair, and let your fine hair look more natural.
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