7 Things All Girls With Curly Hair Will Understand

Got ̢em curls? Well, sometimes they̢‰re amazing and the other times, super rebellious! Your hair routine is absolutely different as compared to girls with straight hair. But your hair looks fun and fabulous most times, even when it gets a little frizzy! So, ladies be happy about the curls, ̢cause everybody else loves them.

7 Things All Girls With Curly Hair Will Understand

1. Like It Little Dirty Your hair always looks better when it is a tad bit dirty. Shampoo your hair less often so it gets better

 2. That Topknot Though An effortless topknot or bun takes a lot of time to set. If you have enough time before your day or night out, you can style your topknot.

3. Those Days With curly hair, you never know the exact trick to never have those crazy bad hair days. Your hair can be stubborn and messy whenever it wants to be.

4. Wish I Had Your Hair Those girls with that silky smooth mane keep wishing they had yours! Well, aren̢‰t you tired of hearing that? When they do get your rebellious curls, you know they will want to switch back immediately.

5. No, I Haven̢‰t Permed My Hair! You̢‰re tired of strangers asking if you have got those curls done. Aren̢‰t you sick of explaining to people that your curls are 100% natural? Girls with curly hair will definitely relate to this.

6. Bangs Are Hard When you have bangs, that̢‰s when life gets hard! They will never set the way you would like them too. The effort of blow drying them every morning is a task you can̢‰t handle for long.

7. A Comb Got Nothing On You To make your curls look fabulous and flirty, you never touch a comb to your hair. When you do, the only thing you see is frizz!

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