5 Things All Men With Long Hair Will Understand

Long hair requires great commitment, especially for boys! We all know how scary commitment is to you̢‰ll, and we understand that having long hair really does require great effort and a whole lot of your time. But, it̢‰s worth it isn̢‰t it? When all the ladies stare at your dishevelled and sexy look as you slowly run your fingers through your long and sexy locks, that̢‰s worth it. However, with every great relationship, there are also a whole lot of problems! All you boys with long hair, we̢‰re sure you̢‰ll understand.

5 Things All Men With Long Hair Will Understand

1. The messy wakeup call Your hair is generally messy when you wake up, but the long hair probably makes you look like Chewbacca! Looking in the mirror is like looking at a hot mess, but then again, some ladies love to go for men who have the ̢I woke up like this̢‰ look, so it can be a good thing!

2. The classic confusion Ever had your friends mom come up to you from behind saying, ̢Oh honey what beautiful hair!̢ and you turn around completely leaving them surprised because well ̢‰ you̢‰re a guy! It̢‰s a classic case of people mistaken you for a girl. Don̢‰t worry; we know you̢‰re a man.

3. Playing any sport becomes harder You̢‰re finally one shot away from winning the finals, and here it comes again! Your long hair gets in the way of you and your goal (football goal obviously). We all know the struggle is real boys. On the plus side, you̢‰ll can always rock a funky headband.

4. The drying dilemma It takes hours for your hair to dry and let̢‰s be honest, boys don̢‰t have the patience to wait! Touching that hairdryer is another ball game all on its own. You never know when to stop and you've surely faced those hairdryer burns from time to time.

5. The inevitable question Yes boys, you know which question we̢‰re talking about When are you getting a haircut?̢Let's just say through all the hardships and problems that you face, you'll always love your long, luscious and badass hair!

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