Make Enough Highlights This Year

Whatever your highlight history, it's time to think about revisiting them! Hair highlighting is a very popular procedure that allows you to add volume, depth and shine to your hair while getting to keep your natural colour. But does it just end there? We don’t think so! Highlights can accentuate eye colour, bring out cheek bones, and even slim full faces. Take a look at these tips you must know before you highlight your hair. Make Enough Highlights This Year 1. Highlights Must Compliment Your Skin Tone If you can get your skin tone right for your makeup, you can get it right for your hair too! Is it warm or cool? If you turn red and burn in the sun as opposed to tan, you’re probably a cool. If you tan, you’re a warm. Most Indians fit under the “Dark Cool” and “Light Cool” categories, and one must explore colours accordingly. But don’t forget, highlights are a way to express yourself too, we totally support fun “experiments”! 2. Highlight That Volume If your hair lacks that luscious, rich volume, highlights are the way to go! The trick here is to weave your highlights through the curves of your hairstyle, allowing them to reflect light and create the illusion of more voluminous hair. 3. Highlights Are Easy And this is for a simple reason, you can't see your roots as much when your hair grows out because it's not all-over colour, so you don't have to touch up your hair as often. 4. Haircare Always Comes First Hair care is as important as the rest, or maybe even more. Post highlight care is necessary, what one should not forget is that hot water or hair masks can let colour molecules escape. To prevent that, shampoo with cooler water and only leave on deep conditioners for a few minutes. Check out hair colour that suits Indian skin.
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