7 Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Pixie Cut

Before you get the cut, you need to know if you can make the cut! Speak to a stylist and then go ahead with this look. You need to do your research properly, so that you won̢‰t be disappointed. Here are some tips to prep before your pixie.

7 Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Pixie Cut

1. Start long to go short Keep your bob long at first, you can always cut it short whenever you like. Once you chop it off you can̢‰t get the same length back for weeks to come.

2. Wash and dry in a minute This is a low maintenance look. You can wash and dry your hair and be out of the house within minutes! It̢‰s so easy, that you will love styling it!

3. Styling session is required! It can get a little tricky to style your pixie. But you can style it different ways, once you find the right look on you, you̢‰re all set.

4. It grows out fast Your hair grows so fast, you will forget you had a pixie. A trim is needed to get back to that pixie path.

5. Up front and centre With this bob cut, your face can really shine out! Let everyone see that gorgeous bone structure. So show it off, ladies!

6. Hair texture matters Consult your hairstylist before you get the cut! You don̢‰t want to make an uninformed decision. With products you can style it the way you like, but it should suit you to begin with.

7. Love at first cut You may fall in complete love with this haircut! That could be the look for you. It could the very best haircut you have ever got. So, are you ready to fall in love with your hair?

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