4 Things To Know Before You Colour Your Hair

Before you colour your hair make sure you take a look at what’s below. There are certain do’s and dont’s you must follow to get that hair colour looking oh so fine! 4 Things To Know Before You Colour Your Hair

1. Know Your Natural Hair Colour Based on your natural colour you can make the right colour decision. Warmer colour tones can always take on different colours as compared to people with cooler hues. Consult your hairstylist before you make the colour shift, their expertise is something you will need to get more colour clarity.

2. Be Practical Don’t go for the impossible hair colours that might ultimately spoil your hair texture and quality. A subtle shift from a dark brown to a lighter one will look great and won’t cause much damage to the hair.

3. Wig It A drastic change requires a trial before you go for it. Put on a wig of the definite colour you like and see how it looks and feels on your skin tone. If you like it, go for it! At least this will throw the anxiety out the door as well as the negative doubts.

4. Stack It Up Depending on the length and thickness of your hair you should always have good enough hair colour at home. It’s better to have enough than to run out of the hair colour when you are halfway done. Don’t ever put yourself in this scenario, so ladies more is always better in this case. Now that you know what to do before your colour, check out some hair colour ideas that you can go for!

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