6 Things You're Doing That Cause Hair Damage

Are your lustrous locks no longer looking as lustrous as they were before? Humidity, dry weather, or the Sun might be damaging your hair all the time. Mother Nature isn’t something that can be messed with. But you could be doing a few things wrong which could be making your hair go from Prada to nada. 6 Things You’re Doing That Causes Hair Damage 1. Washing Way Too Often We know you want your hair to look as great as Rapunzel’s all the time. Which is why you pop into the shower for a head wash every day, but this damages your hair. When hair is wet, the shaft weakens and it becomes more elastic and easier to break. Shampoos sometimes do their job a little too well and get rid of oils that are needed to make the hair look shiny and lustrous. 2. Using The Wrong Brush You really can’t be using the same brush for everything, right from detangling and teasing to brushing your hair, especially when your hair is wet. So go ahead, invest in a variety of brushes and wide toothed combs including a brush with flexible bristles that prevent split ends and breakage when brushing wet hair. 3. Over Brushing Now, after you’ve invested in a large number of brushes, don’t go overboard with it. Over brushing is actually a thing and 100 brush strokes a day is not going to make your hair shiny and voluminous. This causes excessive friction between the hair strands resulting in split ends and breakage. 4. Tight Hairstyles And Ponytails Having your hair up in a high ponytail not only makes you look smart, it also does the most important job of keeping your hair from sticking to the nape of your neck especially during the hot weather. But tight hairstyles are killers. They cause excessive strain to your hair follicles, creating scars and damaging them permanently at times. Try wearing your hair down every once a while and open especially, when you’re sleeping. 5. Not Trimming Your Hair Often We know how we girls like to keep our hair long. Long hair sure is sexy provided it isn’t ridden with split ends .This causes the hair to thin and weaken, which makes your hair look malnourished. So go cut your hair frequently to avoid this from happening. 6. Over Using Products Don’t slather on too many products and think that’ll do the trick and rid you of all your hair problems. You’ll end up with stripping your hair of its natural oils which makes it look healthy. Lots of products can create a blockage, over coat the cuticle, not allowing the serums to get to the centre of your scalp. Too much product can also make your hair look flat instead of the lovely voluminous look you were hoping to achieve for your hot date tonight. So keep these issues in mind and try not making the same mistakes all over again for healthy happy, damage free hair. Well, not completely damage free, but you get our point!
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