This Diwali, Colour On! 7 Best Hair Colour Shades You Can Do At Home

Diwali is known a festival of lights and colours. Thus, it serves as a perfect occasion to colour your hair, when everything around you is colourful as well. This Diwali, along with getting new clothes, get new hair as well! BBLUNT has an amazing range of hair colours available in 7 blockbuster shades to use in the comfort of your home. The 100% grey coverage hair colour is ammonia free and is a 3 part system with a secret ingredient, Shine Tonic, that gives you salon like shine at home! It truly is a secret straight from the salons. This Diwali, Colour On! 7 Best Hair Colour Shades You Can Do At Home 1. Black (Natural Black) This color is perfect if you want to have a natural look and keep it subtle. It is an amazing way of covering your greys without making it too obvious. 2. Chocolate (Dark Brown) Chocolate brown hair color is rich and enticing, and it can be as sweet as the dessert it's named for. Use this color on dark hair to get the best results. This hue typically looks best with warm complexions. 3. Blueberry (Blue Black) This colour gives a blackish global colour with a tint of deep blue. This is perfect if you want to play around a little with your colour and want to change your look a bit. 4. Honey (Light Golden Brown) This colour has radiant, golden tones that will add warmth to your results and will provide 100% grey coverage. This shade is best for anyone with natural hair between medium blonde and dark brown. 5. Wine (Deep Burgundy) Try livening up your hair with the bold, rich notes of a burgundy hair color. The bold tones of this colour offer wonderful framing and contrast for every skin tone. 6. Mahogany (Reddish Brown) This shade has ultra-reflective reddish tones that will leave you with a warm result. It is best for anyone with natural hair between medium brown and black. 7. Coffee (Natural Brown) This is the colour Kareena Kapoor Khan swears by! Brown hair is anything but boring. Being on the dark side is not only trendy, it’s downright sexy. So go ahead and choose the perfect colour for your hair!
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