Throwback To Our Warrior Women

At BBLUNT, we love reminiscing! It’s one of our favourite things to do. Think back on all the styles that transformed & thrived! Throwback To Our Warrior Women Power Plaits Warrior women represent bold styles, portraying power. This hairstyle consists of different types of braided plaits tied up neatly. tb 1 Warrior Waves This hairstyle looks chic and is a little less formal compared to the other ones. The hair is wavy on one side and has a side parting. On the other side, it’s made to look like a plait. We loved waves back then and we love it now! tb 2 Double Impact Each and every one of us must have tied 2 ponies at some point of time in our lives. Our warrior women did it too! We love the flattened hair on the top, setting a good contrast for the curly ponies. tb 3 Go Bun Or Go Home Bun’s will never go out of style, nor will volume. This classic up do keeps it classy and in control! tb 4
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