5 Tips For Better Braids

Braids are a few of our favorite things! When you۪re bored with the same old style that you sport every day you can always experiment with braids. French and single (don۪t get too excited, we۪re talking about the type of braid!) there are many types of braids which is what makes this style so versatile. They go with every outfit and occasion too! It۪s becoming one of the most popular trends going around right now and we aim to get the most beautiful braid. Follow a few of our braid hacks to get the best braided look! 5 Tips For Better Braids 1. Start of simple silly If you۪re a beginner in braiding, start off with something easier like a classic braid. Play around with 3 strands and have a simple and chic braided look in no time! If you۪re ambitious go for the forbidden fishtail, it۪s not all that hard. 2. Messy is a must Messy braids are actually more popular that the normal neat braid! It gives you a more modern and less child-like look. You could give your braid some texture with spraying on some dry shampoo. So ladies, embrace your messiness! We۪re all about imperfection anyways. 3. Toothbrush for texture Yes, we know it sounds a bit odd but your toothbrush can be used to get your teeth clean and your hair messy! If your braid is looking a bit too neat, rub it slightly with a clean toothbrush and say hello to some texture. 4. Get dirty Dirty hair = A great braid! Braids are much better with dirty hair, seriously. If your hair is too soft and silky, the braid you spent so much time working on won۪t even stay in place. Use a volumizing spray or a spray of dry shampoo for some texture so that you can rock that tousled braid. 5. Experimentation is key Last, but definitely not the least, don۪t forget to experiment! Always look for inspiration and new styles to try out and go for it. How do you think we create most of our braids? It۪s mostly experimentation and inspiration! So keep practicing, experimenting and styling to become a better stylist.
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