Easy Tips For Darker Hair Colour

If you are going dark, you must read this! All you need to know before you get into the darker side. Embrace the colour and your complete look. Easy Tips For Darker Hair Colour 1. Hey, Brows If you are making a colour change that is visibly darker, you must consider those brows ladies. You want your new colour to look natural and set in with your personality. Colour your brows to the colour of your mane, so that it blends in perfectly. To get it looking most natural, go for a shade that is lighter than your mane colour and you will love the way it looks. 2. Maintenance If you are going slightly darker, it’s going be easy on you girl. For a more dramatic change, prepare yourself for visible roots. You will have to touch up those roots, every three to four weeks to let that colour set in right back. 3. Change-Up The makeup that looked amazing with your lighter mane, may not look the same now with that darker hue. Go in for a subtle bronzer and those cat eyes look great no matter what colour your mane is. So, ladies just go for it! If you’re going for a dark shade, try BBLUNT Salon Secret Hair Shine Crème Hair Colour in Chocolate - Dark Brown, Natural Black & Blueberry -Blue Black. These blockbuster shades will complement your skin tone and make the world go, you’re shining baby!
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