4 Tips For Faster Hair Growth

We all know that long beautiful hair is something that every woman yearns for deep down inside but what they fail to comprehend is that the speed at which hair grows is subject to a lot of internal and external influences. Although there’s no doubt that the internet is filled to the brim with tales about hair growth tips as well as countless claims about secret hair growth formulas, how does one skim past the hogwash and unearth the golden grail of attaining lengthy luscious locks. Luckily for you, our hair experts have done just that. So make sure to read further to learn more about the secrets about getting your very own long glorious mane.

4 Tips For Faster Hair Growth

1. Avoid heat -Although this may seem like an obvious one, we think that it would do you a world of good. Not blow drying your hair may sound difficult for some people but including us but simply cutting it down to 3 times a week instead of 7 can make a big difference when it comes to hair growth. If, however, you are adamant on using heat on your hair, make sure you use a heat protection spray.

2. Diet -Diet is something that is extremely important for growing a long beautiful mane. We highly recommend that you get your daily dose of vital nutrients by including food that are high in vitamins and contain minerals like zinc, magnesium, selenium and iron. Olive oil, fish and walnuts also contain omega 3 fatty acid that are great for hair growth.

3. Brush your hair carefully -Most hair stylists advise their clients to brush their hair regularly as this can help increase blood flow to the scalp which in turn makes hair follicles grow faster. While this is absolutely true, brushing too often can actually cause snagging which causes your hair to split. Now although it is impossible to stop the natural shedding of hair, hair breakage can be significantly reduced by being gentler while brushing your hair.

4. Don’t over use styling products -The saying, “too much of a good thing is a bad thing”. This applies to hair growth as well. ‘Product over kill’ as it’s called can lead to significant damage to your scalp and hair. Also, washing your hair too often can strip your scalp of its natural oils which help them grow.

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