The Ultimate Guide For Blow Drying Hair At Home

We all go to great lengths to score a smooth and bouncy blow-dry. Well ladies, you don’t always have to panic when it comes to getting that perfect blow-dry at home. Check out some tips you need to get in on for that gorgeous blowout right at home! The Ultimate Guide For Blow Drying Hair At Home 1. Section your hair It is very important to divide your hair into small partitions and then blow dry your hair. Always start blow drying from the crown of your head and then move downwards. Move the blow dryer from top to bottom and never blow-dry one particular section for a long time as it may damage your hair. 2. Use a round brush To achieve the perfect blow-dry, it is very important to use the correct kind of brush. A round brush gives the perfect grip and great bounce to your hair. 3. Set your hair dryer on medium heat It’s best to set your dryer to medium heat. The lowered heat level will prevent maximum damage, won’t over dry your hair and will maintain your natural hair texture. Make sure to always remember to keep the dryer moving and never focus on one portion of the hair for too long. 4. Finish with cool air Always use the cool blow dry setting at the end of the blow drying process for a minute or two as it sets up the blow dry, holds the curls in place and also provides extra shine to your hair. 5. Don’t forget to protect Always remember to use a leave-in cream as a heat protectant before you blow dry your hair for a frizz free look and to avoid any damage! Now that you’ve read about it, check out how it’s done by the experts!
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