Tangled Up? Not Anymore! Tips On Getting Tangled Free Hair

Don’t let those tangles spoil a good hair day, take a look at these quick tips that will keep your knots at bay! Invest in better products and use a bit more of your conditioner to smoothen those ends and get a shine too! Tangled Up? Not Anymore! Tips On Getting Tangled Free Hair 1. Condition Up Make sure you condition those ends properly, to hydrate and keep them tangle free. This will protect your hair from damage, while styling your hair. Once you are out from your shower, you will hardly have to comb your hair to get those knots out! So, ladies always remember that conditioner is tangle free friend!   2. The Right Brush Paddle brushes and wide-tooth combs work best for detangling your hair. To brush your hair in the morning and once before you sleep, must be your night-time hair routine. Brushing your hair at night improves blood circulation and helps you get better sleep too!   3. Less Chemicals Less Tangles Chemicals can be very harsh on your hair and damage them drastically. More damage means more tangles. Choose your hair products wisely, and lessen the chances of knots!   4. Detangling Is A Must Invest in a good detangler for all those rebellious knots. They aren’t very expensive and save a whole lot of time! It’s a quick fix for all those bad hair or knotted hair days.   5. Get A Trim A regular trim keeps those split ends away. Once those split ends are cut, your tangles leave with them. This will leave your hair looking healthier and shinier. With regular trims your hair will tend to grow faster, so get that trim soon!
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