Your Guide To Being Straight With Your Hair

Your hair could be thick and curly, unruly, fine or slightly wavy and we believe a hair straightener is the best investment when it comes to hair tools for any hair type. They provide for a quick and easy way to tame and style your hair. So let’s take a look on what you should consider when you are on your hunt for the perfect straightener: Your Guide To Being Straight With Your Hair 1. What’s In Your Plate? By this we mean the material that goes into the straightening plate! Ceramic plated hair straighteners are the most common and they heat up quickly and evenly, leaving your hair looking shiny and smooth. Titanium hair straighteners are strong but light weight which means less sore arms while styling. 2. Size Matters There are many widths and sizes available when it comes to hair straighteners. Thin and small irons are best suited for women and men with short and fine hair; they work well for bangs and spikes while they also travel well. Large irons cover more surface area and could be a great choice for all those who have long and thick hair. 3. The Right Features Customization of heat control, iron with built-in comb for unruly curls, cordless straighteners for easy styling on the run, automatic shut off and a lot more. Choose the best combination of features before you make the buy! We are sure you’ll be spoilt for choice. 4. Extra Care No matter which hair straightener you select, some damage is inevitable. Use special shampoos and conditioners to moisturize your hair, which will protect your straightened hair and keep them healthy. Heat protection products prevent heat damage, add shine and help to control frizz. Check out the do's and don'ts of hair straightening.
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