Tips To Clean Your Hair Tools To Perfection

Your hair game should always be strong and so should your hair tools! Get all the dust, dirt and grime off your instruments of mane destruction for infinite good hair days. Take a look at these easy hacks to get your hair tool game on point always. Tips To Clean Your Hair Tools To Perfection 1. Blow Dryer While your blow dryer might look clean to you, it consumes a lot of germs. Tackling these tricky fellas is quite easy!  Most dryers have a back vent that you can twist and pop off. Once done, take a microfiber cloth and wipe it clean. If this doesn’t work, use the nozzle of a vacuum to suck out all the dirt and dust.   2. Combs Have you always delayed washing your comb for the longest time? Well, we have all been there. The numerous hair that get stuck in the teeth is not the best sight you see. To get rid of this situation, soak your comb in a bowl of water and shampoo. Let it remain in the solution for at least 10 minutes before you take it out. Rinse, dry it and it’s good as new!   3. Brushes To get the hair out of your brushes, use a scissor to cut through and remove it. Make sure you don’t cut the bristles while doing this. After you have removed the unwanted hair, wash your brush with a cleansing shampoo. To speed up the drying process you can use a blow dryer, to get your brush, cleaned and ready to use.   4. Flat Irons Your straighteners and curling irons get dirty too! Wipe of the dirt and dust from the plates or the barrel using a microfiber cloth. Use a wet cotton swab to remove the dirt and grime from all the crevices that are tough to reach. While carrying on this cleaning process, make sure you use a heat-safe glove for that extra protection.
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