Confused Whether To Go For a Lighter Or Darker Hair Colour Shade? Check out These Tips

It’s fun to change your hair color shade, and there are many choices out there. But choosing the right color shade requires a little work. You should choose something which not only complements you but also enhances your looks. The decision of going lighter or darker while choosing a color could be influenced by several factors. Take a look at these factors below to ensure you choose a color that suits you best!

Confused Whether To Go Lighter Or Darker colour shade? Check out These Tips

1. Skin Tone Your skin tone is the most important factor in deciding what color to choose. You can determine your skin tone being cool or warm after recognizing which color clothes suit you best. If you have a warm skin tone and want to go lighter, go for a pale blonde shade or choose a champagne or platinum hue. If you want to go darker, choose a brunette or red in a cooler shade. Think rich black-brown, fawn-colored brunette or dark red, such as amber or auburn. 2. Natural Hair Color It’s recommended that you stay within a couple of shades of your natural hair color, whether you decide to go lighter or darker. You will avoid looking washed out and a mixture of highlights and lowlights can help soften the face. If you’ve colored your hair too many times before, we suggest looking at your baby photos for inspiration! 3. Seasons The time of year can also influence your choice. Women tend to want lighter hues in the summer, which works well with suntanned skin that emanates a healthy glow. In the winter, it’s more necessary to add warmth and depth in your hair color to make up for skin that looks paler. Check out our range of Salon Secret Hair Colours here 
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