Tips To Colour Your Hair Naturally At Home

Want the colour but not the chemicals? You can colour your hair at home naturally with these home remedies. Your hair will look shinier and have a tinge of colour without any chemical application! Take a look to and start colouring. Tips To Colour Your Hair Naturally At Home 1. For Blonde Hair To get that blonde tint on your hair, use chamomile tea. This will brighten up your hair too! Boil the leaves or flowers in water for some time. Let it cool down and apply it on to your hair. Leave it for an hour and rinse it off. If you are looking to get a more intense tint, let it be on for a longer period of time. 2. For A Reddish Gold Look To get reddish gold hair colour boil the rosemary herb to get the extract and apply it on clean hair. Keep it on for an hour and rinse off. Do this twice a week at least for a month to get your dream colour. 3. For A Rick Natural Colour To get a richness hue, use cloves, basil and sage. These ingredients work great for hair loss too. Boil the herb in water for half an hour and apply it on to freshly washed hair. Rinse it off after an hour with your preferred shampoo and see the difference! 4. For A Gold Tint Rhubarb is just what you need to get your hair looking golden. Boil the herb in water for one hour or so and apply it on your hair. Leave this on for two hours before rinsing it off.
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