5 Things Your Hair Colourist Wished You Wouldn't Do

Colouring your hair makes it look shiny and voluminous, but there a few things you didn̢‰t know about getting the colour on! 5 Things Your Hair Colourist Wished You Wouldn't Do

1. Be loyal to look royal When you keep jumping from colourist to colourist, you ultimately make it difficult for any stylist to work with your hair and turn it into one envious picture. So stop the switch and save your colour!

2. Perfect duo Once you colour your hair, you need to use shampoos and conditioners that will protect your colour and your hair. If you don̢‰t want your hair to be dry, then make sure you spend a little extra if required but get the best for your mane! After all, it is your shining grace isn̢‰t it?

3. Guilty or innocent With the great colour, you need great care. Be a part of hydrating treatments and masks to rejuvenate and moisturize your hair. Chemical treatments tend to make your hair intensely dry and brittle, so you need maximum care and days at the spa to turn this situation into a marvel.

4. Cut it out Get rid of the split ends, with a trim to set your hair into this healthy luscious looking mane. Trims help your hair grow longer and stronger, no doubt about that. So if you need to part ways with your long hair, it̢‰s worth it! So make the cut.

5. Don̢‰t come too soon Let your hair grow and live a little with that colour on it before you come back for highlights. This leads to over processing your hair which has a very harsh effect on your mane. So make sure you let your hair rest and touch- it up when you actually require it!

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