Tips To Get A Stylish Up do This Diwali

You’ve got that designer sari, matching sandals and gorgeous jewelry to stand out this Diwali. So when you’re heading out to welcome the festivities, you’ve got enough work handling your outfit. Do you really want to be worrying about checking your hair every 5 minutes too? To make things easy, we’ve put together 5 tips to help you get a stylish up do this Diwali. Tips To Get A Stylish Up Do This Diwali 1. Prep your Hair When it comes to up dos, a day old hair to work with is more beneficial. It has better texture and is much easier to work with. 2. Invest in Proper Hair Tools To get a professional finish it is important to create the look with the right tools. If your up do requires sleek strands make sure to use a good quality hair straightener. For curls, master using a curler or rollers. Always remember to let hot hair curlers cool before opening them out. 3. Keep your Look in Place To keep your look in place, your best friend would be bobby pins. Criss Cross them for a stronger hold and try to match the bobby pins with your hair colour so they blend in well. 4. Control Frizz Make sure to add a serum before styling because the frizz can completely ruin your hair do. Making sure your hair is hydrated will help. 5. Accessorize No up do is complete without some hair accessories! Be creative, use sparkly pins, huge flowers or even detailed head bands!
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