Tips To Get Rid Of Dandruff

Staying in a hot and humid place like Mumbai, getting dandruff is almost unavoidable. Although, it is believed to be most common among teenage years it can affect people of any age group. Dandruff is not a petty problem that can be ignored, but at the same time it’s not that big that cannot be solved! To get rid of your dandruff problem, take a look below. Tips To Get Rid Of Dandruff 1. Poor Brushing Poor brushing leads to a higher risk of dandruff. It is a common occurrence for the scalp to shed the dead skin cells occasionally. Proper brushing not only helps to get rid of these flakes but also improves blood circulation that’s crucial for healthy hair! 2. Poor Shampooing It is recommended to wash your hair every other day with a mild herbal shampoo because the chemicals present in common shampoos cause roughness. If you tend to use a conditioner apply it away from your scalp so no residue is left. 3. Stress Stress is the most common cause of hair loss and dandruff. Try sticking to a routine, get lots of sleep and follow a proper diet. 4. Improper Diet To a large extent modern diet causes dandruff because of all the processed food and high intake of sugar. Limit an unhealthy diet. 5. Excessive Use of Hair Products If hair products are a must for you, make sure you use it in moderation because certain products have chemicals leading to hair problems.
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