Tips To Make Your Hair Look Less Greasy

Grease free hair days all day! Oily hair can be a real evil especially, when you have a party to go for. Luckily, we know a few tricks to get that grease away. Check out these easy tips below. Tips To Make Your Hair Look Less Greasy 1. Condition The Ends A huge mistake is applying conditioner on your whole hair. This weighs the hair down and ultimately makes it oily. Only condition the ends. Move from the mid to the end of your mane. This will set your hair better and tame the grease too! 2. Quick Fix Have a party to go for and don’t have time for a hair shower? Just use some dry shampoo! Perfect for those greasy days, try the BBLUNT Back To Life Dry Shampoo for a refreshed look. This sucks out the grease, leaving your hair dry and fresh. 3. Wash Less Often This may sound weird but it’s a fact! If you have greasy hair, make sure you wash your hair less often. When the scalp is stripped off its natural oils, it begins to replace those oils. This makes your hair greasier. Try washing your hair twice in a week, to get rid of the grease. 4. Brush Well Brushing your hair from root to tip evenly distributes the natural oil making it less oily. Over- brushing your hair can cause more oil production. So, ladies balance out that brushing to get healthy looking hair. Check out these easy home remedies to get rid of the grease, here
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